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What’s Clacking: Disco TKL in hand, SEALWoodworking Wrist Rests on Massdrop, and more!

  • I have the Disco in hand, and will have a full review up shortly. I saw a lot of questions about it on Reddit the other day, and the guys were kind enough to quickly send over to review. If you have questions about the Disco in the meantime feel free to shoot me an email! So far, impressions are very good. This IS the keyboard for people that have always wanted a Shine 5 TKL.
  • SEALWoodworking wrist rests are on Massdrop. These high quality wrist rests made by GeekHack user inanis are the perfect companion for the SEALWoodworking Cases that are on also on Massdrop, as well as any other keyboard you’d like to add a nice touch of luxury and comfort to.
  • KeyKollectiv have announced their next sale on GeekHack, a follow up to the extremely popular MeowCaps! Make sure to follow them on GeekHack to find out the sales info as soon as it is published!

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