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What’s Clacking: SEAL 60% cases on Massdrop, Ducky One TKL, and more!

  • Ducky posted a TKL variant of the One on their facebook. This is great news for the TKL fans out there! Ducky hasn’t made a TKL for quite a while now, making their full size line and a mini 60% line.
  • Speaking of new TKL’s, I’ll have my hands on the new DISCO, a brand new RGB TKL. At $129, this board is extremely competitively priced, and could be a huge contender in the RGB market due to its low price and TKL size. Ducky would be the closest competitor, but they recently stated that they will not be making a TKL Shine 5, so this looks to be the best alternative.
  • Carbon Black is back on Massdrop. I recently took a look at this set and was pretty impressed by it. Great price for a color scheme that can be relatively hard to find as an aftermarket set.
  • SEALWoodworking (inanis on the forums) has more than surpassed the drop point for her excellent solid wood 60% cases. Her work is of the highest quality and comes extremely highly recommended by me.

Photo Source: Massdrop

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