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What’s Clacking: Ultimate Hacking Keyboard featurette!

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is in the final few hours. The UHK is a brand new and fully custom ergonomic keyboard. The electronics, firmware, and host-side configuration software has already been open sourced as well.  If you still want to know more, there was recently a really great AMA on Reddit and is well worth the read if you are not very familiar with this project. The UHK has been over 115% funded at the point of this article, which is incredibly exciting.

One of the biggest updates to the UHK was the add-on modules. Modules include a trackball, trackball and 3 key cluster, touchpad, and a trackpoint. You can use two at once, due to the fact that they attach while the keyboard is split in half.

Additional content is now being offered as stretch goals to the project. The first goal that has already been surpassed was for new case colors for the UHK. The new colors include dark red, white, orange, and navy blue. The second stretch goal, currently in progress ($234,415 of $250,000) is for a UHK toolkit that includes a key puller and a few screwdrivers.


I am quite thrilled to see how much has happened to this keyboard since the launch of the crowd funding campaign. At first the design was cool, the UHK is essentially a 60% keyboard that can be split into a more ergonomic position, but other keyboards like the Ergodox seemed to make more sense as a split keyboard to me. The addition of the modules has really helped make this keyboard something truly unique though, and I am extremely excited to get my hands on one. There is only ~15 hours left to get these for much cheaper than retail, so if you are on the fence about ordering one, now is definitely the time.




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