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What’s Clacking: WhiteFox Keyboard on Massdrop, Booper’s Keywok Star Wars caps, and more!

  • The big news of the week is unquestionably the launch of the WhiteFox on Massdrop. This fully custom keyboard designed by Matt3o is much cheaper than expected, starting at just $169. While this may seem steep compared to retail boards, keep in mind that everything from the PCB, plate, case, keycaps, cable, etc are custom designed and made. When Yanbo at Massdrop asked me before the launch what I expected the cost to be, I guessed ~$300. I will hopefully get a unit slightly earlier than the standard shipping date so I can do a well documented build log as well. I also think Massdrop did a really good job with organizing the kits in this buy. Instead of offering an option for each individual items (cable, case, caps) they organized the buy in a barebones, full kit, or assembled kit, with options for plate style and switch types. Here is an example from the GeekHack interest check showing the different plate/layout options:

Photo Source: Matt3o/GeekHack

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