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What’s Clacking: New MK2016, white Leopold FC660C in stock, and more!

  • has the elusive White FC660C Topre keyboard in stock! Traditionally only the dark grey variant has been widely available in the US. This is absolutely one of my favorite looking keyboards out there, the formula for capacitance on the front of the keyboard just puts it over the top!
  • Speaking of, they recently released the MK2016, a full sized keyboard under their own name. I have yet to test one out, but it looks quite good. The keyboard comes stock with thick PBT Ducky keycaps, has4 Dip Switches, multimedia functions, and LED modes. The LED’s are under ESC, WASD, F1-4 and F5-8 for rate/delay Josh told me via email. For the price, currently $119, this seems to be an absolute steal.
  • An exclusive Das 4/4c with MX Clear switches is available on Massdrop. This stealthy looking keyboard is not normally available with the heavier Clear switches, making this a rather unique buy. The Das has a few features like the USB hub, and the dedicated media controls on the 4 that make it rather unique in the keyboard world.

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