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Review: Originative Carbon Black

I recently got my hands on an Originative Carbon Black set. The black on black keycaps that come on Topre boards may be some of my favorite caps of all time. I was quite curious how the Originative MX version of these caps would compare to the Topre caps I love so much.

The first notable point is unquestionably the price. At $26 on Massdrop right now, this is a set that surely won’t bust the wallet. The caps are doubleshot ABS, and include enough keys for a full 104 key ANSI board + 7 Winkeyless keys, making this set an absolute steal for the price.

Now, compared to the Topre set the cap black color is a little lighter, but that also makes the set slightly easier to read under normal lighting conditions as well. In poor lighting these caps, like other black on black sets, can be very difficult to read. The caps are relatively thin, but still thicker than most stock keycaps.

Overall I had no issues at all with this set. They came in a sealed bag, with no noticeable scratches. The set looks great, and combined with the price this set is a no-brainer.


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