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What’s Clacking: Custom aluminum “Ducky” on Massdrop, XX7 Megatron drop, and more!

  • The DSX, a Ducky designed mechanical keyboard, dropped today. This keyboard features Cherry MX switches (Clears, Greens, Whites, Reds, Blacks, Brown, AND Blues available), a sand blasted low profile aluminum case, and white LED backlighting. Unlike some past drops for custom cases, this is designed by quite a reputable company and is right in the price range of other aluminum bodied keyboards. I can see some people wanting more color options, but personally I think white LEDs + the silver case look very classy.
  • XX7’s Megatron printed keycap is up on Massdrop in a variety of colors as well! This is a fantastic deal for people looking to get a nice custom cap for cheap!
  • One of my favorite Topre boards, the white Leopold FC660C is available for preorder on! Not too long ago I had to pay quite a bit to have a proxy send me over one, as these were extremely hard to acquire outside of Asia. I’m definitely glad to see getting more and more new keyboards, especially Topre boards!

Photo Source: Massdrop

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