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What’s Clacking: Modern Selectric hits the high seas, RetroBlight brings vintage back, and more!

  • Skullydazed, the designer of the highly popular Modern Selectric keycap set, has released new renders of “Nantucket Selectric.” This oceanic themed variant of Modern Selectric is quite stunning, with white alphas and deep blue modifiers with yellow legends. If you are interested, have feedback, support, etc, make sure to go to the Reddit or GeekHack interest check pages!
  • GMK SKIDADA+ has reached MOQ! I’m so glad this absolutely stunning set is going to be made! There is still time to order until the end of November!
  • Leopold 21 key numpads are back in stock at GeekKeys. I know it’s quite a well known fact that, but just in case you haven’t read much about these they don’t send out standard numpad codes, rather the numrow codes.
  • RetroBlight SA, a classic keyboard themed keycap set, recently got some new renders by the incredibly talented Thesiscamper. These renders really brought this set to life for me. This is definitely a set to follow. It also looks like it will support a lot of non-standard keyboard layouts as well!

Photo Source: FrostyToast/Geekhack

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