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What’s Clacking: Customs nearing the group buy stage!

There are quite a few custom keyboards in the works right now, some hitting the group buy stage in as little as a week!

  • The TK78 is a custom that takes a standard 60% and tacks a numpad onto the righthand side. It will also feature a 2 port USB hub, milled aluminum body, adjustable white LED backlighting, all for a target price of $250.
  • The TGR-Jane CE is a follow up buy to the TGR-Jane that recently had a successful buy. The Jane will probably be around $400. A group buy is slated to begin within a week or so, with a delivery by Christmas if all goes according to plan!
  • Ellipses brand new F62 and F77 industrial buckling spring keyboards should also enter a group buy stage within a few weeks after sample units arrive. This is easily one of the most ambitious custom keyboards I’ve ever seen. These are brand new “Kishsaver” model keyboards, which are often regarded as some of the best and rarest vintage keyboards of all time. Ellipse has also stated that these will be $325 for people bringing their own caps, and probably around $25 or so more if you need keycaps. Out of this list, this is the one I am most excited about simply because nothing like this has ever been done before.

So get your wallets ready, because we have a lot of exciting new keyboards about to hit the market!


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