Posted On 11/05/2015 By In Other Reviews, Photos, Reviews

REVIEW: Massdrop Keyboard Briefcase

A few days ago I received the briefcase that Massdrop recently had custom made for keyboards. The heft of the case was actually pretty surprising. The latches and hinges were both relatively high quality, so I wouldn’t worry about them breaking under heavy use. The interior foam was a lot more dense I expected, which isn’t a bad thing. It was the perfect size for my Novatouch and XTi, and even had I flipped the open case upside down the keyboards would still be very securely in place.

The glaring issue is simply that this case will only work for a select few TK and TKL keyboards. My Realforce 87U, for example, was too wide for the pre cut foam to accommodate. 60% boards are so small that they would just slide around in the case, which is also unfortunate. Luckily the fix for this is extremely easy. Hopefully for the next drop we will see a few different interior layouts of the case, or simply an interior that allows user customization.

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