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What’s Clacking: Signature Plastics SA Row 4 Shift keys, SentrantPC is back, and more!

  • Notable GeekHack user Oobly organized talks with Signature Plastics and keycap designers to help get the Row 4 shift keys made for SA profile keycaps. Until now, sculpted sets had to use Row 3 shift keys as there were no mold for Row 4. Furthermore, Signature Plastics has modified their License Agreement to clarify that no changes to sets will be made without first consulting the designer. It was also stated that it was never their intention to have permanent control and/or usage of community made designs. Still, this just shows that Signature Plastics/Pimp My Keyboard are really taking more initiative to invest in the enthusiast community, and are actively listening to the communities feedback and needs.
  • The Magicforce 68 keyboard is on Massdrop for the first time. This keyboard is slightly larger than a Leopold 660, and is a relatively unique layout. The real draw of this keyboard has to be the price, at $61 this is definitely one of the cheaper mechanical keyboards available. Other features include a removable cable, and Gateron switches.
  • After a bit of a break, SentrantPC seems to be back in force, releasing pictures of their new Sentraq S60-X, a DIY 60% keyboard expected to hit Massdrop in time for the holidays. In a Reddit thread SentrantPC stated:

Pricing is still being decided, but most likely $99. Comes with switches, plate, pre-assembled PCB, stabs, and case. PCB was designed by vinnycordeiro, and the plate by Joshua Young.

This seems very promising indeed. The benefits of DIY kits, over say the POK3R, are that you really get to pick out the exact switches/lighting/plate colors along the way, instead of trying to modify an existing keyboard, which is often more work than building one from scratch.


  • Please bear with me this week as I am in the middle of moving heaps of stuff around at home. My home PC/KC homebase is out of commission until the weekend, so this may be a bit slower on the posting. Next week will have lots of media-centric posts though!

Photo Source: SentrantPC


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