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What’s Clacking: Infinity Dye-Sub keycap set on Massdrop, Backlit POK3R delayed, GMK SKIDATA+ group buy, and more!

  • The Infinity Dye-Sub MX keycap set is back on Massdrop. This 60% kit has options that make it compatible with many popular 60% keyboard layouts.
  • If you need a token of your love for mechanical keyboards to carry with you constantly, there is also a CNC Aluminum MX switch keychain on Massdrop. There is a fairly wide variety of switches and colors available.
  • The incredible GMK SKIDATA+ set is now available to preorder at ZealPC! This set is compatible with nearly every layout you could need, and has quite a few cool add on options as well. Binge has also posted some of his cap creations for a giveaway for those that join the group buy.
  • The POK3R backlit version has apparently been delayed for all vendors while Vortex works out some kinks. Having a working keyboard is much better than getting a rushed keyboard that doesn’t work properly though. I will give an update as soon as I hear something.

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