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What’s Clacking: Outaku Kiibodo keycap set on Massdrop, Strafe RGB Silent Mechanical Keyboard, and more!

  • The Outaku Kiibodo PBT DSA keycap set is now on Massdrop. This set is largely inspired by Japan and Japenese culture and really creates a unique looking set in a market where that is becoming harder and harder to do. The dye-sub legends mean the entire set can make use of custom legends for all of the keys and still remain at a reasonable price.
  • Gateron switches are also back on Massdrop, with the lowest price hitting $24.99 for 120 switches after 100 buyers. All standard variants are available in this drop.
  • Corsair has announced the Strafe RGB Silent Mechanical Keyboard will be immediately available for $149.99.  This is the first keyboard to be released with Cherry’s new silent MX Switches. The new silent switches use a fully-integrated noise reduction system to help quiet both the bottoming out and spring-back noise.

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