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What’s Clacking: Binge+Realforce 23U bundle on Massdrop, Monarch custom Alps keyboard, and more!

  • There is a Realforce 23U on Massdrop that includes an exclusive BingeCap as well as a Realforce cap! I am extremely excited to see Binge making his Massdrop debut and being part of such a creative package!
  • The custom Alps Monarch keyboard group buy is still open until November 7th! I’ve been a huge fan of this project from the beginning. The unique layout+Alps really make this an extremely unique custom board, and at $250 it is also one of the most affordable.
  • Unicomp recently got a website overhaul, and no longer looks like a relic of 1995. Could this mean some new products are on the way? I’ll be praying for a new SSK, I’ll say that much.
  • After a recent twitter exchange with Max Keyboards, it seems they will be offering up custom keyboards sooner than later from their shop. Their Blackbird TKL got a very nice review, and with the right set of options this could really bring Max into more of the spotlight within the enthusiast community.

Photo Source: Massdrop

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