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What’s Clacking: Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth TKL on Massdrop, Hyperfuse sale on Friday from BingeCap, and more!

  • The popular bluetooth TKL by Varmilo is back on Massdrop, with quite a few options to select at checkout. There are Cherry MX Blacks and Greens or Gateron Blue, Brown, or Clears (a feather weight 35g linear switch not to be confused with the Cherry MX Clears). There are also white and black case options.
  • Some fantastic pictures of the Nashville mechanical keyboard meetup surfaced on Reddit! In the past year getting together and having meetups as a community has really seemed to take off, which is something I am extremely happy about. Making those connections in person and not just through the forums really has a way of creating great friendships. There is a California meetup soon, so if you are in southern CA you should check it out!
  • Binge has quite a few GMK Hyperfuse sets on sale starting Friday. Bunny has stated that he won’t be running these again so getting a set from Binge will be your best bet to get these fantastic looking caps.  If you are concerned that the caps will end up in a mess like Triumph Adler, fear not. Binge posted a video showing how perfectly the caps are packaged.

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