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What’s Clacking: Barebones Novatouch on Massdrop, No Board Makers this week – but an exciting update from Jack, and more!

  • The Barebones Novatouch is back on Massdrop. At $129 it is one of the most affordable new Topre keyboards money can buy, though keep in mind you will need to either buy a set of keycaps, or already have a pair in waiting to make use of it. Still, I’ve stated before that I really am a fan of the Barebones model simply because it’s proof in itself that Cooler Master is indeed listening to the community. The deal on Massdrop is good, not outstanding, but still something I’d highly recommend if you are interested in trying out a Topre for a decent price.
  • No Board Makers podcast this week ­čÖü My Monday felt all wrong without listening to the podcast with my morning cup of coffee, though Jack did give an exciting little update worth listening to here.
  • The GMK SKIDATA+ Group buy is ramping up soon. The base kit will cover a full size ANSI or ISO keyboard, along with a few other non-standard keyboard layouts. Color options for even more orange are going to be available as well!

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