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What’s Clacking: Milled HHKB Case on Massdrop, KeyKollectiv sale on the 18th, and more!

  • Massdrop has dropped a milled aluminum case for the HHKB. This is excellent news, and the first of its kind to hit the market! That alone surprises me, as the HHKB is exceedingly popular among enthusiasts and programmers, and seeing as how popular metal aftermarket cases have been for other keyboards (Realforce, Leopold, Varmillo, etc) the HHKB seemed like a no-brainer candidate for one. Can’t wait to get my hands on one and put it through the wringer to see how good it really is.
  • GeekKeys has added to their line of PBT keycaps, now with front and side printed versions available!
  • KeyKollectiv has a sale tomorrow at 6pm PST for SnackKeys! These were some delicious looking caps, so clear away some time on your schedule! If you miss out there will be 2 additional rounds at later dates to try to get in on!

Photo Source: Massdrop

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