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What’s Clacking: Realforce HiPro on Massdrop, Jukebox sets are arriving, and more!

  • The Realforce HiPro is making its debut appearance on Massdrop in a pairing called “Japanese Keyboard Fountain Pen Bundle.” Yeah, pretty odd pairing, but considering the HiPro is not available currently in the US (EliteKeyboards is out of stock) and you get free shipping + 2 fountain pens this is quite a solid deal. Expected shipping is mid November as well, which is a nice quick turnaround if there aren’t any delays.
  • The first pictures of Jukebox SA showed up yesterday. My kit is still a day away, but I was quite pleased to see the first pictures that surfaced were very well done. On a side note, I did notice that the “Jukebox” novelty key was a 2u key instead of a 2.25u key in the pictures. This has been addressed to SP and replacements are already being made! Fortunately this wasn’t a major key to the set and won’t stop anyone from being able to use it right off the bat!
  • The Zealio switches have started shipping out to buyers, which is happening quick quickly after the GB ended. I always like when group buys run smoothly. Be sure to post up pictures of all the custom builds with your Zealio switches if you got any!

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