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What’s Clacking: Tiny Hacking Keyboard, Wooting Keyboard Update, and More!

  • More pictures from a very ambitious project called the Tiny Hacking Keyboard by ne0phyte were posted yesterday. The new PCB’s are being tested and given out to a few people so they can tinker with them and try to make a case for the keyboard, with the end result being a group buy for the case + keyboard which would be fantastic. To stay up to date on the project follow the Deskthority thread on it!
  • The Realforce 87U is back on Massdrop, and includes 4 colored PBT spacebars. The 55g and variable weight variants are both available with a black or white case. It’s no secret that the 55g 87U is probably my favorite keyboard “out of the box” and is definitely something I strongly recommend checking out should you get the chance.
  • Currently streaming live NOW (1pm EST). Listen to tunes from my turntable while I review the Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid – i. Feel free to ask questions as well!
  • More images of the Wooting Keyboard have surfaced, and the creators are looking for feedback. Check out the Reddit thread and let them know what you think or would like to see!

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    the massdrop guest link for the realforce isnt complete

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