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What’s Clacking: 84 colors to choose for Monarch, Elemento DCS PBT, and more!

  • The custom alps compatible Monarch keyboard that is currently in the group buy stage now has 84 different colors of Cerakote to choose from for the finished version! Start looking at the colors now, because coming to a final decision may take a while. The buy includes the top and bottom plates, center spacer, pcb, and all the hardware needed to put it together. Buyers are responsible for stabs, switches, and caps (from an AEKII). For $250 this is quite an affordable custom.
  • Originative Co. has relaunched and is now featuring Carbon Black, a black on black keycap set designed to look like the stock caps that come on the Realforce and HHKB’s.
  • Elemento, a PBT DCS set designed by MiTo is now available on Massdrop. This is a very dark minimalistic set that allows for 5 different colors of accent so be added via child deals.
  • The very unique 60% Oak Wood Case is back on Massdrop. Crafted by Datamancer, this is one of the more unique keyboard cases available. The case features two halves that can be put together to act as a travel case that are held together by colored leather straps.

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    The link for the Elemento set goes to Originative instead of Massdrop.

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