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VIDEO: HHKB Lite (Original)

I recently aquired an original ANSI HHKB Lite for around $40 in Japan. Unlike the Lite 2, the original Lite shares the same layout as the Pro line of HHKB’s, so I couldn’t resist picking it up. It has Fujitsu domes and feel considerably more “mushy” than the HHKB Professional line of keyboards that have Topre domes in them. The keyboard is also very “clanky” and the bottoming out noise is quite loud and hollow sounding. Overall not a fantastic keyboard to type on, but one I wouldn’t mind using if I had to because of the layout.

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  1. Aaron

    Nice addition. I have always been curious about these. I noticed that yours doesn’t have any arrow keys – never seen one like that before. I wonder if it has the same domes as the original

    That one didn’t feel great to type on.

  2. Aaron

    Looks like you have actually tried one ; ) ….

    Are they the same?

  3. livingspeedbump

    The domes are different. The Original has much shorter throw than this one. Ill try to post a tear down gallery of both of them to compare the actual differences!

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