Posted On 10/06/2015 By In News

First KeyChatter Live Stream Complete!

I toyed around with the first live stream tonight from KeyChatter. After putting an HHKB Pro 1 back together that had just gotten the retrobright treatment today, things turned into a general Q&A/hangout session.

To keep things fun I’ll probably start announcing the live streams ahead of time by a day or two, but won’t plan on keeping them up on Youtube. I want to make sure my Youtube channel stays nice and to the point, and full of typing videos. If there are any good segments I may end up posting those later.

To finish of the future streams, I went ahead and got that Firewire PCI card that I need to connect my digital mixer to the computer, so after the stream “ends” I’ll return to my roots as a music blogger and stream records in HD audio/crap video until the wee-hours of the mornin’. Hopefully these just stay fun and low key, and allow for some fun interactions with readers.

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