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The Pimp My Keyboard (PMK) store has reopened!

Instead of a “What’s Clacking” I felt like this deserved a post of its own. The Pimp My Keyboard store has been down for a few month as it slowly got a much needed site overhaul. I am extremely pleased to say that the site has new reopened! Although the site renovations took a little longer than expected, I must say that the new site is much more intuitive and streamlined than the previous version of it.

Signature Plastics/PMK are well know within the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community for making some of the most iconic aftermarket keycap sets. A Pulse set that was manufactured by PMK recently sold for over $1,000 in a charity auction, with it not being uncommon for that same set to sell for half of that in a normal sale. PMK is also the only place SA profile keycaps can be found, a profile that has really taken off in the past few months in terms of popularity.

From spending a little bit of time browsing the new site it would appear many sets are currently in stock and available to buy right out of the store. Interest checks should open back up as well, essentially allowing people to vote and support new sets they would like to be made. I’m going to play around with the site a little bit each day in the next week or so and follow up with this announcement at that time, as I  really want to dig into how the new site works in terms of pricing/group buys/interest checks/etc firsthand. For now I’d highly recommend just going over to the new site and checking it out for yourself!

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