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GALLERY: KeyKollectiv Snackeys Series 1

KeyKollectiv is a relatively new artisan maker that has been on a role ever since they. With Meow Caps, CMY Topre mods, and the full Topre Modifier + Boombox sale that just ran already under their belt, Kudos and Koala-T (The duo behind KeyKollectiv) have set the bar quite high for themselves. I don’t feel like there is any need to say how awesome their new caps, Snackeys Series 1, actually are. They are absolutely gorgeous, and even have real seeds inside!

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    “even have real seeds inside!”

    All right; gonna have to get one now.

    Woot! Finally registered and first comment!
    Just FYI, not sure whether it’s a Keychatter or WordPress thing, but signing up to comment is a little messy; at least, it was for me.
    But now expect more comments from me!

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    Hey Romevi and Livingspeedbump whattup.

    I didn’t have the same trouble setting up my profile.

    Where’s the writeup on the new caps on MD? Kinda surprised it wasn’t listed on keychatter. Good luck with the set man!

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    Huh. Weird. Not sure why it was difficult for me.

    Either way, here I am!

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