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What’s Clacking: Ducky Year of the Goat, Cooler Master XTi /r/mk contest winner announced, and more!

  • Congrats to /u/Nibodhika on Reddit for winning the Cooler Master XTi that I had hydro-dipped by! The pictures he posted for the “take your keyboard on a date” theme were absolutely hilarious, and worth checking out!
  •  According to Ducky’s Facebook page, the special Year of the Goat edition keyboard should launch on this week sometime!
  • The TEX CNC Aluminum and Acrylic cases are both currently on Massdrop. These are hugely popular aftermarket cases that fit almost every 60% keyboard on the market, and are some of the highest quality cases available as well.
  • Board Makers episode 15 was just released! This podcast has constantly been one of the best things to happen each Monday, highly recommend giving it a listen!

Photo Source: Ducky Facebook

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