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What’s Clacking: Sanctuary DCS Diablo themed keycap set on Massdrop, Metal GirlDC Caps, and more!

  • First off, sorry for the lack of content yesterday! I was traveling (went to DC to see Joe Walsh) and was too beat to do much outside of drive/sleep!
  • GirlDC has posted an album of the new designs, but made out of metal! The new designs looks great, though not much detail is around at the moment to say where/how to get these. GirlDC did say that a group buy would happen soon in the Reddit comments though.
  • Sanctuary DCS is on Massdrop! This set hasn’t been produced in quite a while, with 500 units being produced in 2013. This Diablo themed set is a great looking addition to any fan’s keyboard. This is also the first DCS profile set to pop up in a while, and with the base kit you can have a red on black keyboard without any of the extra novelties that will look great even if you aren’t a fan of the Diablo novelties. The keycaps are doubleshot ABS and have a custom font to match the font used in the Diablo games.


  • The KeyChatter store is very close to being open. I got the final few products in today that I’ll need for a launch, and slowly start adding these after the store opens. It has been MUCH more work that I originally anticipated, as I wasn’t planning on redoing the entire way the store worked, and other projects have been keeping me quite busy. I do have some HandyKaps arrow clusters for Topre keyboards and some silver FN keys, so be on the lookout for those as well!
  • Jukebox should be done on Monday! Fingers crossed, I will show pictures as soon as I have any to share!

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