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What’s Clacking: KeyChatter Store Update, Asphalt SA Keycaps, and more!

  • An interest check has been started for Asphalt SA keycaps. This is a phenomenal looking set, and something I think will be hugely popular when the time comes for it to enter the group buy stage. Check out the interest check and give feedback/input on this set if you are interested. Feedback at this stage really helps improve sets, and makes it much more of a community project which is always great to see!
  • Fellow blogger LeandreN got in some EpicGear switches and tested them out. The colors of the switches are fantastic, though I’ll be curious to see his full review and how they perform compared to many of the other switches on the market.
  • A very cool Van Halen inspired Filco TK¬†is on the Japanese website. From what I understand this is a custom ordered item, but someone that reads Japanese and doesn’t rely on Google translate may be able to give some better info. It sure in fun to look at, regardless!


  • The KeyChatter store is VERY close to being ready, now I’m just waiting on a few more shipments to get in. At first stock on most items will be rather small, but slowly I will learn what the more popular items are and start stocking more of those.

Photo Source: Diatec/Filco

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