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What’s Clacking: Good vibes on GeekHack, GH60’s starting to arrive, and more!

  • BunnyLake, the man behind [CTRL]ALT has started a “Pay it Forward” thread on GeekHack where items ranging from keycaps to keyboards have been sent out to random people around the globe, with hopes that they will continue the tradition and send out other items to random people. The community is the main reason why I enjoy this hobby so much, and things like this simply make me love it even more! Definitely a thread worth checking out!
  • The GH60 60% keyboard that recently sold on Massdrop has finally started arriving for people this week. I will be updating the guide’s on how to flash new firmware to the KC60 in the next day or two. Now that the final version of the keyboard/software needed it out I can make a final version of the guide! Like stated on the Massdrop page, if you do have any specific questions on the  KC60, feel free to email/pm me!
  • The mechanical keyboard subreddit /r/mechanicalkeyboards is giving away a brand new Cooler Master XTi that I personally had customized. Head over to the contest page to see the contest rules and enter!
  • A new layout 68 key mechanical keyboard called the K680 had some pictures show up online. It will apparently have blue and white LED’s with a few lighting modes, 3 dip switches, and be available in white or black. I’m not really sure how I feel about the layout personally yet, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

Photo Source: k680 on ETNEWS

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