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What’s Clacking: Backlit POK3R preorder at Corus-KB, JMargo-70 custom, and more!

  • Corus-KB has a preorder page up for the backlit POKER. The current preorder page lists the new model as having white backlighting. It is also worth noting that if you update the firmware on any current POK3R that it will support all the same lighting features as the new ones coming out with LED’s, you will simply have to install them yourself.
  • Some /R/MK items are starting to come together. Expect things to be in different colors, as I am trying to make a lot of things in color schemes to match popular keycap sets. For now here’s a sneak peek at where I’m going with it…
  • The JMargo-70 is close to having enough people interested to launch a group buy. Only a handful of people are needed to jump in on the PCB. This is a collaboration between [CTRL]ALT and GoN, one of the most notable custom Korean keyboard makers. The price is exceptionally good as well, with the PCB costing $57 and the NS AL housing costing $196, making it one of the most affordable customs around. Highly worth checking out. The bottom row will be more standard than the keyboard pictured.

Photo Source: GoN/Margo Baggins

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