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What’s Clacking: New Board Makers episode, RK61 on Massdrop, and more!

  • As normal, I’m always excited when a new Board Makers podcast comes out. Jack from and his buddy Adam talk about a wide variety of topics related to mechanical keyboards in each episode. Key points in this episode are the retirement of the Quark, the huge Massdrop order of Plancks that just happened, and a split Planck!?!?!?
  • The new (to US markets) Royal Kludge RK61 has hit on Massdrop. This is one of the most affordable 60% keyboards out there, with a price of $75 after shipping. White and black variants are available, though only Kailh Blue (tactile and clicky) switches are available, which is one of the main reasons I don’t think this keyboard is flying off the shelves. Highlights include the fact that it is Bluetooth capable, and can be connected to 3 devices. Definitely sounds like it could be a good keyboard for the price, though I won’t know more until I get to tear one apart and test it out.
  • The CoolerMaster XTi had a worldwide launch today. Be on the lookout on /r/mechanicalkeyboards for a contest to win a customized XTi by KeyChatter!
  • I have also gotten permission from Ripster to have some /r/mk merch made, so be on the lookout for a variety of cool stuff in the store after launch! The profits will be going to back to the community by more KeyChatter donations to /r/mk for giveaways and prizes!

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