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New Site Sidebar Links

Let me be as upfront and honest as I can. I run ads on my site to bring in some $$$, which in turn allows me to continue to dedicate the time needed to KeyChatter to keep it going. Personally, I hate AdSense as it clutters the site and doesn’t bring in heaps of that cash-money.

I am very pleased to say that I am slowly cutting those out and replacing them with more permanent “ads” that are really just links to stores and community run shops that I can stand behind from personal experience. I will be loosing some income with this decision, but I think it will provide an all around better experience for everyone visiting KeyChatter. Continuing to improve the site for visitors and support the community are really my main goals here. The new KeyChatter shop will be run with the same mentality, passing along the profits to the people doing the creating.

I am also working on a few very exciting new projects that will be announced sooner than later, so stay tuned for those, and don’t forget to check out the shops int he sidebar now, as they are hand picked places that I’ve had very good experiences with and fully recommend! Thanks again to everyone for all the support, and site visits! Feel free to suggest any ways that I can continue to give you a better experience while on KeyChatter!

-Andy/livingspeedbump & Agent Cooper the kitty


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