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What’s Clacking: New Board Makers episode, new DSA Sublimated sets from PMK, and more!

  • Board Makers episode 11 is out! I always love the days these hit. Never has a podcast about keyboards ever been so entertaining (has there ever been any other keyboard podcasts?). Board makes features Jack from and Adam, with the occasional special guest.
  • Vortex posted on Facebook that the POK3R firmware has been updated and now supports LED’s! This is great news for anyone that wants to simply add their own LED’s. Rumor still has it that an RGB variant should be available to Purchase around the new year. Vortex is known for having delays though, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for them.
  • PimpMyKeyboard is now selling dye sublimated DSA sets straight from their store. Although only a few color options are available (for modifiers and alphas, which are sold separately), I think this is a great move.


  • Huge thanks to /u/thelectronicnub, a /r/mechmarket moderator for helping me overhaul the KC servers! The overhaul is what has made things a little bit quiet around here the last day or two.

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