Posted On 08/29/2015 By In News

New Jukebox render! On schedule to ship mid-late September

I am happy to share a new render by /u/thisiscamper! Massdrop should have the keycaps delivered early-mid September from Signature Plastics, with the set shipping out from Massdrop mid-late September. I will have a limited amount of Jukebox swag available in the store after sets ship out, including coffee mugs and mouse pads., and apparel. This is a test run to see how items look/sell, if they are popular enough I will work with other designers to produce more items based on keycap sets.

After the drop ends, I will be revamping aspects of Jukebox for round 2.  I know I was considering doing a uniform R3 set for Ergodox, Planck, Atomic, Quark, etc, but I love sculpted so much that there will be fully sculpted kits available in the next run. A new interest check will be run briefly before I launch it again just to get any community feedback on the changes.


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