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What’s Clacking: Massdrop August Bazaar, PBT keycaps at WASD, and more!

  • Massdrop is currently having their August Bazaar, where they sell extra items from past drops. There are currently still a few Cooler Master keyboards left. Unlike normal Massdrop orders, these ship out within 2 business days.
  • The ZealPC Zealios switches are mid Group Buy, this is a switch that I absolutely stand behind after testing, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for tactile switches for future keyboard builds. These switches combine the smoothness that Gaterons are known for, with an improved Cherry MX Clear stem clone that won’t hold onto your keycaps nearly as tightly as the Cherry Clears do, making removing keycaps far easier and less risky. ¬†Aesthetically, the purple stems, gold springs, and clear housings really do make them the best looking switches I’ve ever seen as well.
  • Binge, an artisan that will be the featured finale of the artisan series, posted some new pics from his next sale, starting in less than a day. Don’t forget to check out the countdown link at the top of the page!
  • WASD now has PBT keys available from their store. The set, which is a very subdued black on slate set, is a nice addition, and allows people that don’t feel the need to customize their keycaps a good alternative. To buy the set with a keyboard you’ll simply have to order a Barebones keyboard, and then add the PBT set to the cart as well.

Photo Source: Binge

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