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REVIEW: GMK Dolch from Originative Co.

With all the GMK talk after the Triumph Adler debacle, I figured it would be a good time to acquire another GMK set just to check for issues and to hopefully show GMK is still doing things well. I got a Dolch set from Originative Co., which arrived a few days after the order was placed. The set came neatly packaged in bags, and had no visible scratches or blemishes on any of the keys. The keycaps were the same quality I’ve always come to expect from GMK sets.  Combined with the CMYW set that I recently acquired, it actually looked quite cool on my KUL. So, I wouldn’t go around witch-hunting GMK or Massdrop over the Triumph Adler ordeal, but for any custom colors I would wait until you see production samples and I would ask how the units are shipping. Bags are the way to go.

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