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Stepping down as Viking Lord…er…Moderator at /r/MK in preparation of KeyChatter’s store opening up!

I recently posted on /r/mechanicalkeyboards that I would be stepping down as a moderator. I am still hard at work coming up with a game plan for the KC store, but this is something that I really do hope benefits the community as well as the makers! To recap what will be happening:

  • Store is mainly, but not exclusively, for new makers/community members to provide a launch pad for them. I will be working with each maker individually to set up their items in my store, including pricing, items to stock, etc.
  • KeyChatter will not be profiting off any community maker/artisan items sold in the store. The point of the store will not be for me to profit, but simply to provide the makers with a storefront that already has a wide audience (thank you readers!). I will also do order fulfillment for them, giving the makers more time to create, instead of constantly running to the post.
  • I am currently in the process of trying to figure out how to keep items in the store, without making them feel “exclusive.” I will NOT be doing any kind of lottery for items, but instead will just try to constantly have some cool stuff up for sale in the store. Artisans can often feel impossible to obtain and I don’t want this to be the case in my store. If I ever do acquire some items that are harder to get, I will do giveaways/contests with those, instead of placing them for sale.
  • Eventually items from larger vendors may be added. Because I am currently a one man show, I will be doing this slowly over time, as I don’t want the store to take over as the main aspect of KC, and want to make sure I have time to keep providing news and reviews.

Also HUGE thanks to Jack from for making a new logo for KC! I will be changing the colors of the chattering keycaps (see what I did there??) to  match popular sets from time to time as well.

Thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions? Email me via the contact page!

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