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What’s Clacking: Ducky Shine 5 preorder, Smart 68 hot-swappable keyboard Group Buy starting soon, and more!

  • The highly anticipated, and delayed, Ducky Shine 5 is now available to pre-order from for $174. This is a significantly more expensive keyboard than previous shine models, though it is also the first with full RGB. So far Black, Brown, Blue, and Red Cherry MX switch variants are available.
  • The Smart 68, the first hot-swappable keyboard, will be in the group buy stage soon. Feng, the person running the group buy, is a very trusted community member. Prices will be ~$300. Check out the GeekHack page for videos showing the hot plugging in action!
  • The Unicomp Ultra Classic buckling spring keyboard is back on Massdrop! This is an especially good deal for international buyers as well, seeing as how Unicomp’s international shipping is much more than Massdrops.
  • For the sake of pure keyboard-porn, here is a link to the Monarch, a fully custom Alps keyboard built by /u/koalapear. As a huge Alps advocate, I fully approve of this keyboard!

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