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What’s Clacking: Matt3o working on official Topre keycap set, Geekkeys backlit keycaps, and more!

  • Matt3o is working on an official Topre keycap set. There are a few color options that are being considered that he posted on a GeekHack thread. This is the first time an official set has been designed by the community so definitely stop by the interest check page to give input!
  • Geekkeys  has launched their new custom backlit keycaps.
  • There are still 10 days left to buy the Planck on Massdrop. This keyboard is a personal favorite of mine, and comes highly recommended. There are also a few Massdrop exclusive items like the orange milled case and brass plates. These are also great kits if you are looking to built your first keyboard. They are very easy to build, and only require the most basic soldering skills.

Photo Source: Matt3o/GeekHack

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