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What’s Clacking: Planck on Massdrop, PMK store update, and more!

  • The Ortholinear keyboards Planck is now on Massdrop! This drop includes a few new options as well, such as the brass top plate. There are options for Cherry, Gateron, and Alps switches, along with kit and fully assembled offerings as well. If you have been considering trying out an ortholinear keyboard this is as good a time as ever.
  • An interview with livingspeedbump (me) has appeared on /r/mechmarket. If you are bored and want something to read, well…
  • As a huge LEGO fan I am very excited to see an Interest Check for a keycap set based on the classic space LEGO sets. Though early in the developmental stages, this set has some huge potential and is definitely worth checking out or giving input on.
  • Signature Plastics/Pimp My Keyboard have announced via Facebook that their new store will finally be coming online in the next few weeks. Seeing how this plays out will definitely be worth keeping an eye on, as a successful remodel could mean a lot more keycap sets coming out sooner than later. I am still extremely curious on how the new store will be different from the old one, but we won’t really know until the page launches.

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