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What’s Clacking: Ducky One release date, Jelly POM group buy, and more!

  • Ducky announced via Facebook that their new Ducky One keyboard would be released on August 17th, and is available to pre-order on The One will be available with quite a variety of Cherry MX switches right from the start, which is a nice.
  • There is currently a group buy happening on /r/mechmarket for Rainbow and White Jelly POM keycap sets, frosted and clear Gateron switch tops, Gateron switches, and Cherry stabilizers. The buy is being run by one of the subreddits moderators. It is worth mentioning that the pricing really only works for people in the US and Canada due to shipping costs.
  • The Input Club have put out a small press release via RoastPotatoes for their new TKL K Type keyboard. If you don’t know, these are the designers behind the Infinity 60% and Infinity Ergodox sold thorough Massdrop.

Photo Source: Ducky Channel

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    > is available to pre-order on

    I can’t find it, any link?

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