Posted On 08/05/2015 By In News

FIRST LOOK: Carbon SA keycap set coming to Massdrop

I am extremely excited to announce that Carbon is coming to Massdrop in the near future! This is a sculpted SA set that gained a lot of traction on Pimp My Keyboard’s interest check page, as well as on the forums, before the PMK interest check page was taken down for site renovations. Fortunately we don’t have to wait for Signature Plastics to figure out the website overhaul before getting our hands on this gorgeous set! The set designer A Schmidt (spoonyluv47 on Reddit/Tomb3ry on Geekhack) has created a truly masterful set! I will announce an exact date for the drop as soon as I get that info!

*Space bars will also be added in a variety of sizes in both Alpha and Modifier colors.


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