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What’s Clacking: Ducky Shine 5 delay, TGR-Jane custom group buy, and more!

  • [CTRL]ALT, a community run store and home to some of the best looking keycap sets around, have posted an update on their blog, as well as an interview with HoffmanMyster, a senior moderator on the popular keyboard forum GeekHack. I’ve heard rumors of a Penumbra Round 2 group buy coming, which is something I’ve been hoping would happen for a while. As soon as any info on that is released, I’ll make sure to let you know.
  • Ducky Keyboards posted a comment on their facebook page stating that the highly anticipated Shine 5 will not be ready in August as originally intended, and will more than likely see a delayed launch in September. Now that Corsair no longer has exclusive rights to Cherry RBG switches, many people are waiting for the first wave of new Cherry RGB keyboards to hit the market. An RGB variant of the extremely popular POK3R is supposedly coming out late this year/early next year.
  • A group buy for the TGR-Jane Korean custom keyboard have opened up on Geekhack. Specifications are as follows:
    • Full aluminum case
    • 8 degrees slope
    • Brass weight
    • Plate material: stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic
    • Plate type: full plate, half plate
    • Support 84 and 86/87 layout
    • A87U PCB
    • Fully Programmable
    • Full LED backlighting
    • Controller parts are pre-soldered
    • Only 20 sets will be made, each set will be numbered

    At $420 the Jane is certainly not a cheap keyboard, but customs of this caliber are hard to come by and well worth the investment for many enthusiasts.

    Photo Source: GeekHack


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    Too much like the KMAC. I guess that’s not entirely a bad thing.

    Btw – really appreciate you blogging this stuff and saving me the time of going into /GH or /MK (etc) every few hours! Keep up the good work.

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