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What’s Clacking: ZealPC custom switches, NPKC switch tester on Massdrop updated with PCB option, and more!

  • ZealPC has announced Project Zealio, a custom MX style switch that features completely clear housing, 62g gold plated springs, and purple sliders that closely resemble MX Clear stems but without the tight stem cross to make keycaps easier to remove and prevent accidental switch breaking. A group buy/pre-order for these switches should begin in August, with extras being sold in ZealPC’s online store.
  • The extremely popular NPKC switch tester, that features an aluminum housing with 17 different style MX switches that is available on Massdrop has been updated with an option to add a PCB for $9. This will easily allow users to make it into a functional numpad. This is easily the best priced switch tester on the market, with far more switches than we’ve ever seen in a retail tester before, highly recommended! Hurry if you are interested, there are only 13hrs. left to join the buy at the time of writing this!

Photo Source: ZealPC

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