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What’s Clacking: Carbon Keycap set progress, RS84 custom keyboard, and more!

  • Carbon, a keycap set that gained a lot of steam before PimpMyKeyboards took the Interest Check page down for their site remodel, is starting to show signs of life again. The set is currently up on a Massdrop poll page where users can/should vote on what child deals they are most interested in. The set has already gained over 400 votes on Massdrop in a single day, proving interest in it has not decreased in the slightest. I might have pulled a few strings to get the ball rolling on this one, look for an official announcement soon!
  • The full metal Geekey keyboard is back on Massdrop. The keyboard has options for multiple color cases, LED’s and a variety of Cherry MX and Gateron switches. At $200 it isn’t cheap, but considering the features the price is actually quite a steal.
  • DrHubblePhD opened up pre-sales to the Hubble Mira custom TKL on Tuesday. This glorious looking American made custom will feature a few fancy extras for the first 57 that were available to pre-order (which is the number of years NASA has been in operation). The people who pre-ordered the keyboard will be getting a letter in the mail telling them what number keyboard they will be receiving, as each one will have a custom engraved plate on the bottom. I will post further details after I have hands on time with the production sample.
  • The WASD Code, previously only available with Cherry MX Greens, Browns, and Clears is now available with MX Blues.
  • The RS84 group buy that recently started will be open until August 10th. This is a custom 75% keyboard kit that features an acrylic case, PCB, and a remote to control the underside lighting for $140. Metal feet are available for $5 extra, and plates are available for $22.

Photo Source: GeekHack / IvanIvanovich

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