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What’s Clacking: New episode of Board Makers Podcast, Hubble Mira pre-sale starts tomorrow, and more!

  • There is a new episode of Board Makers, the best mechanical keyboard podcast on the planet. Be sure to pay attention to the end of this episode for a special surprise related to KeyChatter!
  • The Hubble Mira custom TKL designed by DrHubblePhD is opening up for pre-sales tomorrow! This completely custom keyboard features a milled aluminum case and a custom PCB by Winkeyless that is completely programmable and supports LEDs. The keyboard also has options for either a traditional 87 key layout or an 84 key winkeyless layout with built in blockers. Total price is expected to be between $350-$400.
  • Massdrop currently has BSP keycaps available in a few different colors. These are great PBT keycaps that are very comparable to GMK keycaps and quality. There is also a drop for the Realforce 87u that includes 4 PBT spacebars and free shipping happening. The 55g 87u is probably my favorite out-of-the-box keyboard on the planet, I highly recommend checking the drop out.


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    there is a little mistake regarding the BSP keycaps, have a nice day.

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