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REVIEW: KappaKapps UnDead Clackin’

KappaKapps is a relatively new artisan keycap maker that uses 3D printing to produce high quality keycaps. Currently the UnDead Clackin’ MX compatible keycap is their only available design. There are 9 colors to choose from, giving people plenty of options to get the perfect color for their keyboard of choice.

My keycaps arrived in small black satin bag, with each one being in a separate plastic bag to keep them safe. The detail was the first thing I noticed, as it was much higher than I expected. Being my first 3D printed keycaps of this nature, I was very impressed. The stems were both perfect and fit tightly on the MX and Gateron switches I tested them on.

Both keycaps maintained a perfect consistency, which really speaks of their overall quality. The white keycap looked especially cool with backlighting. With each keycap only running mere $15, they provide a very affordable option to liven up your keyboard with.

Outside of making quality keycaps, KappaKapps is doing business unlike any other artisan keycap maker that I know of. Currently all of the profits are going to charity. This month’s charity is Doctors Without Borders, a charity that delivers emergency medical aid to those in need. Unlike many artisans, KappaKapps are readily available to order, meaning there should never be any high resale prices because they will never be “rare” or “exclusive.” Personally, I enjoy the lottery system some artisans use to distribute their caps (even though I never win!) but it is nice to see a company with a completely different approach at the same time. I have the utmost respect for companies that giveback to the community the way KappaKapps does. I also think is is important to have artisans that are readily available, as it lets newcomers to the hobby get a jump start on their artisan keycap collection, which inevitably will lead to interest in other artisans as well. If you ask me you can’t go wrong with a KappaKapps artisan keycap!


I will be giving these keycaps away shortly, so be on the lookout for the giveaway announcement!

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