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What’s Clacking: New Board Makers episode and laser engraved Planck keycaps, New F62 Kishaver keyboard, and more!

  • A new episode of the Board Makers Podcast is available. This is now episode 4 in the series started by OrtholinearKeyboards owner Jack Humbert. In the episode Jack talked about some now laser engraved PBT keycaps he’s been working on to compliment his keyboard.
  • A company called Wooting Keyboards promises the next generation of mechanical keyboards is on the way. I couldn’t get any further information from the owner, but there is a possibility this could be a keyboard with the new optical mechanical switches that were revealed earlier in the year. I will share further details as soon as I know anything substantial.
  • Have you ever wanted a brand new IBM F62 Kishaver or F77 Inudstrial Model F? There is currently an interest check on GeekHack being run to have these classic buckling spring keyboards custom made. The estimated cost for each is around $350. This may seem expensive, but due to the fact that these will all be custom made (not actually IBM) the price is actually quite a bit lower than many custom keyboards.

Currently Running Contests:

  • Deck Keyboards will be giving away a keyboard if you share/comment/like the contest post found on their Facebook page.
  • OrtholinearKeyboards is giving away a milled Planck case. To enter, listen to the latest episode for details and share pictures of your current keyboard projects here.
  • Razer is giving away a Chroma and CS:GO skins in a project run off their Twitter account. Retweet to enter.

Coming This Week:

  • Cooler Master TKi review
  • WASD CODE 87 review
  • 1UpKeyboards brand new HHKB and premium cable case review

Photo Source: OrtholinearKeyboards

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