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What’s Clacking: Logitech Atlas Dawn TKL, POK3R single color and RGB backlit model release dates, and more!

  • Logitech have registered a trademark for “Atlas Dawn,” a new compact gaming keyboard that shares its likeness with the Orion Spark. The first images of the Atlas Dawn surfaced here, and it appears to simply be a TKL version of the Orion Spark, crazy keycaps and all.
  • There is currently an interest on Mecha-blog for aluminum cases that would fit the CM Storm Novatouch or Rapid-i. I think this is a fantastic idea, as aftermarket metal cases are always a welcome accessory in my eyes, the final price is really all that will determine how popular these end up being.
  • Ducky posted some pictures on their facebook page of a new keycap puller for the Ducky One in the shape of their adorable logo. Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a family of duck-keycap-pullers?
  • The extremely popular Vortex POK3R 60% keyboard will be seeing. Word is that a batch with white LED’s will hit first, with a second batch of blue LED’s coming after, and RBG backlighting sometime late this year/early next year. The single color and RBG backlit models could be what Vortex was hinting at in this picture on their facebook page earlier last month. Will have more updates on this as soon as I can confirm details with Vortex.

Image Source: Ducky Facebook

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