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What’s Clacking: HHKB’s on sale, Topre to MX Sliders, and more!

  • Topre to MX Sliders designed by Matt30 are available to purchase from Shapeways. Currently it says the sliders are still in Beta stages, but they look very similar to the ones already in the Novatouch. I’ll be ordering a few to test out here shortly. [CTRL]ALT recently sold their own version of Topre to MX sliders with the JTK keycap sale and stated they would be available to purchase individually at a later date. The benefit of these sliders is that Topre keyboards will be compatible with many of the custom keycaps sets coming out.
  • Elite Keyboards has put the HHKB Pro 2 keyboards on sale from $235 to $220. The Type-S is also on sale for $304. Considering that used HHKB’s often go for around this price, it is a very solid deal. Elite Keyboards also has a few different color modifier sets for Topre keyboards available in their store. Sales like this don’t happen very often, so if you’ve been on the fence about buying an HHKB this would be as good a time as ever.
  • Hot Keys Project is taking preorders for  a run of custom blank keys available for both MX and Topre keyboards. Keys won’t start shipping for around 2 months. Keys are available in both R1 and R4 variants.

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  1. Aaron

    Looking forward to your review of the sliders! Didn’t they have these on shapeways before? Is it a new design?

  2. Avatar

    HHKB still too expensive for my likings.

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