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What’s Clacking: New Board Makers podast, last KBT keyboard, Pexon clearance, and more!

  • A new episode of the Board Makers podcast is out. This is a fantastic series put on by Jack from Ortholinearkeyboards and well worth the listen!
  • KBT has revealed their final keyboard called the Next. It is a full size keyboard with a low profile case. It also comes standard with blue backlighting. It also features clear swtich tops much like the Gaterons, and appears that KBT has had their own Cherry MX clones made for this keyboard. I would give more details, but for now my only source relies on Google Translate, which has given me some rather hilarious “facts” about the keyboard. Let me share some of the translated quotes any my conclusions for your entertainment:
    • On the hand set is still four main concepts. Squirrels are black shaft, squirrel green axis, tea squirrel and squirrel red shaft axis (I believe this elusive squirrels to in fact be switch types, Green, Red, Brown, and Blue)
    • Black is we buy a keyboard, a top priority of color. In fact, in my tests, is also a priority to get Black to measure XDDD, after all, we are very accustomed to color. (I believe a black model with me available, as well as white)
    • How to evaluate a mechanical keyboard, satellite axis is the key, satellite-axis has been an excellent feel elite enthusiasts dream. (I’m completely lost here.)
    • Keyboard design is not a simple pile. (Designing a keyboard is tough. Yes indeed.)
  • KBP stated via their Facebook that the V80MTS with Matias switches should arrive in stock this month at Matias Linear Quiet, Quiet, and Clicky switches will be available. I’ve long been a fan of Matias switches, they feel excellent, and with efforts being put into making keycaps more readily available for them now is as good a time as ever to try them out.
  • PexonPCS is having a summer clearance sale with great deals on high quality braided keyboard cables, keycaps, and more.

Photo Source : KBT

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